Consolidation, X-Ray Screening, Delivery

Air Cargo Consolidation

Flyair provides one stop services for air cargo export consolidation, including:

  • Pick up of ULD from terminal to Flyair warehouse
  • Pick up of cargo from shippers’ door and deliver to Flyair warehouse
  • Cargo receiving
  • X-ray screening
  • Building of ULD
  • Delivery of ULD to terminal for export
  • Handling and delivery of bulk cargo to airport
  • Handling of Garments on Hangers (GOH) available upon request

Air Cargo X-Ray Screening

To cater for the forthcoming transitional arrangement of CAD for cargo screening requirements starting
from January 2020, Flyair has x-ray cargo screening services for regulated agents (RA).

Import Air Cargo Handling

Flyair provides one stop solution of import air cargo handling, including:

  • Collection of ULD/cargo from terminal
  • Delivery of ULD from terminal to Flyair warehouse for de-consolidation
  • Delivery of import cargo to consignees’ door or ex. warehouse

Cargo Delivery

Our fleet includes delivery truck and ULD trucks for:

  • Local delivery of cargo from clients’ door to warehouse or vice versa
  • Local delivery of ULD from warehouse to terminal or vice versa
  • Direct delivery of bulk cargo from clients’ door/warehouse to terminal or vice versa
  • Delivery of cargo to co-loaders’ warehouse

Cross Border Delivery

Flyair offers affiliated cross border cargo transportation from Pearl River Delta (PRD) area to Hong Kong or vice versa.